OUTSIDE THE BOX: Introducing “The Thinking Man” Mike Bhangu

We are excited to announce our newest columnist, Amazon best-selling author Mike Bhangu, also known as “the Thinking Man”.  Mike will soon join our freelance writing squad and his column will be titled: Thoughts from Outside the Box. 

Through his several non-fiction publications, Mike Bhangu has rightly asserted that the pen is mightier than the sword, and demonstrated his warrior-status in the literary world.  He readily challenges the status quo and questions the rigid norms of society.  In this, he’s taken many hits, and on many occasions, he lay on the ground for weeks.  Yet, the Punjabi coursing through his blood pushed him back on his feet to take more.  I don’t know what it is about the Punjabi, but they love to fight and sacrifice for the greater good.  Perhaps it’s in their cultural genetics?  Maybe the past hasn’t forgotten the present?  Perhaps the Great Guru Gobind still whispers in the ears of his troopers?

Born in Canada, on the fringes of society, as a child of two immigrants from “the land of a million martyrs”, Punjab, this author accidentally built an intuitive and instinctive relationship with philosophy, sociology, psychology, spiritual science, political science, popular culture, religions, theology, and ancient historyto reveal a clearer representation of reality.  But if asked, his specialties are political and theological discourse.

“The Thinking Man” does not adhere to just one sphere or discipline, and each of his books is different from the other.  Mike’s publications are a testimony to his ability to grasp the bigger picture and explicitly explore its many layers.  His non-fiction publications are the by-product of over 15 years of formal and independent research and study.  This understanding Bhangu will share through his column, Thoughts from Outside the Box.  Several books written by Mike Bhangu are:

  1. Distracted and Defeated: the Rulers and the Ruled. (Amazon Bestseller).

From time to time, the “haves” tamper with information. This to control thoughts and actions.  Discover the tactics.

2. Jesus vs. Jesus: The Christ, God’s Word, God’s Spirit Unveiled.  (Amazon Bestseller). 

Above the many counterfeit notions forced upon the flock, “Jesus vs. Jesus” is the outcome. Discover the secret of the cross, the Christ, God’s Word, God’s Spirit, end-of-days, 666, the beasts, the antichrist, Jesus’ resurrection, and much more.

3. A Beautiful Destruction: The cost of living is too high. Governments compromise. The popular corrupts the mind.  (Amazon Bestseller).

A politically incorrect journey into politics.  Discover why you struggle to survive and why the cost to live is too high.

4. War 101: A Behind-the-Scene Look at War. 

Learn the different methods able to convince a person to soldier and the techniques able to convince a nation to war.

5. War and Religion.

Discover how religions sometimes mislead the people and why they occasionally war. Take a journey outside the box and unveil religious riddles.

6. Secrets of Religion: A Temporary Separation of God and Religion. 

Learn what the different religions do not want you to know. Unearth the secrets they conceal.

7. Sikhie Secrets: Trinity. 

The Name, the Word, and the Spirit unveiled. Journey with me and discern what only a handful generation-to-generation ever do.

8. Confessions: A Lion’s Roar.  A Poet’s War. 

A hidden way of life.  The last great philosophy. Will it survive the establishment, or will it be annihilated as the rest?

9. I am Mouse: Thoughts from Outside the Box.

There is more to human living than a paycheque-to-paycheque requiem.  Travel with me beyond the vagueness.

10. Angel vs. Demon: The Ultimate Battle. 

The ultimate battle is the fight within. Discover how the popular narrative hinders this challenge.

11. The Rebellious Slave: Breaking the Matrix.(Amazon Bestseller).  

Our synthetic continuum restricts a person’s potential. This to reinforce the divide between the sheep and the shepherds. Discover the stratagems.

Mike confesses that writing has fascinated him since childhood, and expressing his thoughts gives him inner peace.  His love for thinking and writing are obvious and he takes on various roles through his work—a reformer, an analyst, a critic, a philosopher, a poet, a theorist, a visionary, and a man who honestly desires a better world.  Perhaps he’s an old soul, or maybe he’s a rebel without a cause who listened to too much Tupac?  You decide.  To view Mike’s book catalogue, please visit Amazon.com and search: Mike Bhangu.  Or type in the following URL: “The Thinking Man” is an accomplished non-fiction author who shares renaissance-like thoughts, yet this is not the only cap he wears.  Mike Bhangu occasionally acts in the film industry, creates artwork and social media content, writes for the Merritt Morning Market, informally teaches spirituality, and the largest hat he adorns is that of an elected official—City Councillor.  Mike Bhangu is a rare person indeed.  The Punjabi community should be very proud to call him their own.  There might be tomorrow, but today, I don’t think there is a Punjabi quite as “the Thinking Man”.  The following URLs lead to Mike’s social media content.

The column, Thoughts from Outside the Box, will vary in length and share notions more found amid underground philosophers and not so much through mainstream mediums.  Bhangu’s considerations will genuinely travel outside the box of popular thought, and naturally, some ideas will challenge the popular narratives, so take what’s presented as you will and judge for yourself.  If it helps, explore and research independently.

Thoughts from Outside the Box, by Amazon best-selling author Mike Bhangu.  Coming soon.

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