Celebrating CapU!

Capillano University Board of Governors capped off another school year by celebrating with the end of the school year Dinner at the Pinnacle Hotel at Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver. DESIBUZZCanada Founder-Editor and well known filmmaker R. Paul Dhillon, who is on the Capillano University Board, said he had the privilege of serving as his first year as a member of the Capillano University Board of Governors.” It’s a unique experience as Capillano like many Canadian college-universities are experiencing huge growth with an abundance of international students. We at CapU are expanding our campus to the Lonsdale Quay as extension of our beautiful campus tucked in an environmental paradise in North Vancouver,” Dhillon said.”Being a Board member of a major post-secondary institution has been a great learning experience and very enriching personal experience.”

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