Pot Will Be Legal As Of Oct. 17, 2018, Says PM Trudeau!

Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed the date during question period in the House of Commons, saying Canadians will be able to consume marijuana recreationally without criminal penalties starting on Oct. 17, 2018. “We work in partnership with the provinces, and since we’ve passed these measures in Parliament we’ve been listening to the provinces who have been asking for more time to implement it,” Trudeau said in French.

OTTAWA – Get your first legal high in Canada on October 17 as that is the day pot becomes legal in the Great White North, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Wednesday. Legalization of pot is going to be one of the breaking news this year.

PM announced the date during the question hour in the House of Commons, stated that Canadians can consume marijuana recreationally without any criminal penalties onwards October 17, 2018.

Justin Trudeau stated that “We have worked in partnership with the provinces and passed the basic measures in Parliament. Provinces are continuously provoking us to give them more time to implement the same”.

“The voice of provinces is being heard and that’s why we have finalized 17 October 2018 as the legalization date for marijuana.”

breaking news: pot is legal

BC Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth issued a statement following Trudeau’s announcement, calling the end of the 85-year prohibition historic.

“Today, the Government of Canada has made history by announcing the end of a 95-year prohibition on non-medical cannabis and confirming the legalization date of Oct. 17, 2018. Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, creates a new national framework that provides access to a regulated supply of cannabis while implementing restrictions to minimize the harms associated with cannabis use.

According to the CBC news report “Federal government was in favor for the passing of the bill. In this marijuana can be grown and sold to an adult as well. The practical details of implementing have been released to the Provinces and Territories.”

This breaking news of legalizing marijuana has run all over the media news channel like a virus.

As per the Canadian system of Federalism, each Province has shown their own interest. Some Provinces are eagerly waiting than the others in which New Brunswick has set an example. This province has already set an example by building its first store. If we talk about Nunavut then this Province has only passed out its legal framework.”

The government has imposed a condition that the bills and legalization should be passed within eight to twelve weeks. The government has asked the other Provinces to come up with the system and various stores should be run for the counter sale of the marijuana.

Breaking News - Pot is legal

Trudeau stated that three most “big” provinces of Canada, including the Quebec, urged for more time to put their sales authority in order to run long way legalization.

Though the Senate passed the contention bill last night the Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould notify Canadians that they cannot allow it until the aforementioned date.

Farnworth said the federal legislation creates a corresponding need for provincial and territorial governments to establish cannabis-related laws and regulations.  He said B.C. recently passed legislation to ensure we have a responsible regulatory framework in place for the safe implementation of legalized cannabis throughout our province. This breaking news is going to be all time favorite news for this year.

“We’re now focused on developing the regulations and supporting policies for the implementation of our provincial regulatory regime. We are going to organize the Provincial Public Awareness Program and education campaigns. I hope British Colombians have all the required information regarding the legalization and our provincial regulations when they come to the force.”

“It’s important to remember that the date set by the federal government for cannabis legalization will just be the beginning. The legalization of cannabis is complex, and the Province is committed to monitoring the implementation and making any adjustments necessary to meet our provincial goals. This includes continuing to engage local governments and Indigenous governments and organizations beyond legalization, to ensure specific interests and concerns are addressed.”

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