Indo-Canadian Hiker Missing In Chilliwack River Valley Mountain Range

headerIndo-Can-hiker-missing2Teams are scouring the rugged Cheam mountain range hoping to spot any sign of Gordon Sagoo, who became separated while hiking with a group on Baby Munday Peak.           

CHILLIWACK – An Indo-Canadian hiker is missing and a ground and air search is underway for the experienced hiker who disappeared in a rugged area of B.C.'s Fraser Valley on Sunday.

Gordon Sagoo, 50, an avid trail runner from North Delta, first went missing Sunday while hiking with two other people near the Baby Munday Peak in the Cheam Mountain Range.

Chilliwack Search and Rescue confirmed its members are searching the area around the Chilliwack River Valley.

A fundraiser to help the SAR team with their search had raised $4,600 by Wednesday morning.

Sherril Budai was hiking the trail with Sagoo and another hiker at the time. She said Sagoo separated from the group to explore some other peaks, and planned on meeting them before returning to the trailhead, reported CBC News.

"We thought that Gordon was ahead of us on the trail, we could see him in the distance," said Budai.

"When we got to the trailhead he wasn't there, so the other hiker went back looking for him."

Budai said her partner could not find any trace of Sagoo, and they both drove back to Chilliwack. The pair immediately called for search and rescue as soon as they had cellular reception.

Search crews from Chilliwack, Lions Bay, Surrey and Coquitlam searched the area around the peak all day Monday and Tuesday, but found no sign of Sagoo. Search personnel with experience hiking in extreme terrain were also called in to assist.

Manpreet Gill, Sagoo's niece, told CBC News he was carrying at least three litres of water with him at the time. She also said he was familiar with the terrain in the area.

"He's a very well-prepared individual," said Gill.

Indo-Can-hiker-missing"Within the hiking group, he's one of the leaders … he's one of the people who usually navigates and ensures everyone's safety during the hike."

Staff Sgt. Steve Vrolyk with Chilliwack RCMP said that although Sagoo is a very experienced trail runner and hiker, he did not have the equipment required to spend an extended amount of time in the mountains alone.

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